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The gift you dreamed of, or at least will probably keep. Men may come and go, but the Lady Redneck Backscratcher is there for you. Long hours at work, long lines at the store, long days that turn into long weeks…you work hard. You deserve to be pampered. You deserve a little BSP (back scratching pleasure).

Doubles as a gag and novelty present for her. Funny gift for women on their Birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas. But don’t stop there. Fork this baby over as a gift for shotgun weddings, national talk in an elevator day, or any special day in your lady redneck’s life, even if that day is to kiss and make up.

The Lady Redneck Back Scratcher will give you (or someone you love) some relief from that itchy back and make you feel good and ready to tackle the day or enjoy a good night’s rest, or both (but not at the same time). If your lady redneck doesn’t like red, get the green one on the other page. The green one is for men, but I won't tell. No matter what happens, I’ve got your back. Voted best gift idea (by the rednecks who make it). Giver: “This is for when your husband isn’t handy.” Receiver: “My husband is never handy.”

Flexible Tines, It's good to be flexible
Contours to the shape of your back
15 Tines, the backscratching pleasure
I've got your back
Field Tested
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Luke Fernandez

"Roses are red,
violets are blue,
the Redneck Backscratcher,
comes in a brand new hue!

Sadly I lost my original green backscratcher and on itchy nights I miss it terribly. But now that I've requested a red one for my wife's Valentine the order of the universe will, very shortly, be restored!"


I bought the men's redneck back scratcher for my husband as a gag gift for his birthday a couple of years ago. He loves it and says it is one of the best he has used. So when I would have an itchy back (which happened far more than I wanted it to), I tried his redneck backscratcher. He was so right! It scratches the itch better than others do and seems to do the trick. In my opinion, the best back scratcher is a woman with semi-long nails, but if you don't have a mom, sister, wife, or daughter to help with itchiness, this is the ABSOLUTE next best thing. The only problem I have with it is where to put it since it is far larger than other scratchers.


"I told my wife I had a surprise for her. When I brought the Lady Redneck Backscratcher out from behind my back, she had a confused look on her face. I told her it is a Redneck Backscratcher. She burst into laughter.

Later that night, she said, 'You know, the funny thing about the backscratcher is it really works. No joke, it's a keeper.'

It has to be the ultimate backscratcher. With its 15 tines you can scratch a large area of your back all at once, or you can turn it at a slight angle to do some deep focused scratching using just an end tine.

Now we have a long list of people to whom we want to give one."

Jennifer S.

"If you need the perfect scratch... This is it! This is a fantastic product that fully gets the itch scratched! It is sturdy and well-made! It will last a long time. Not only does it give one a chuckle because of its comedic component BUT it is absolutely 100% effective!"


"Oh my gawsh! This scratcher works on the whole itchy bra line all at once (if I wuz wearin' one, heh heh), not just the little squirrely spots that I have to chase around with a normal, wimpy bamboo scratcher. I LUV that it comes in bright lipstick red (instead of that sissy, girly "pink") color! Brung it to work, and my co-werkers keep fightin' me fer it! I'm glad they don't have a camouflage-colored one, cuz then I'd never be able to find it - but then neither would my co-werkers!"

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"This back scratcher is the gift many moms dream of. Seriously, this back scratcher is amazing. It scratches the itch better than others do as it is much larger than other back scratchers."