Trailer Park Class for the Masses


Who doesn’t want a set of Redneck Coasters made from genuine butter lids! You will be the first one in the trailer park with a matching set of coasters. Your new Redneck Coasters will moove your guests and impress them with your class. Your set of 6 coasters will allow you to have five friends over (if we calculated correctly and if you have that many friends) and everybody gets a coaster! Made from genuine butter lids molded out of low-density polyethylene (plastic) and a miniature pallet made of sawn eastern white pine (wood), they are sure to last a long time, at least until the kids get ahold of them. Speaking of kids, these coasters are great for playing games such as Land the Coaster in the Trash Can and Land the Coaster in the Bucket. Or for advanced gamers, Land the Coaster on the Plate. Needless to say, your furniture will be protected from ringworm, I mean water rings, and your family and friends will have hours of fun throwing coasters around your living room. Yeehaw!

Note: If you buy two sets of Redneck Coasters that would give you 12 coasters and you could have twice as much fun. Who doesn’t want twice as much fun? Note #2: The characters in these photos is fictional. Any resemblance to your cousin or any other kinfolk, living or not, or any of your livestock or kids, is purely coincidental. Note #3: Super Big Gulp not included.

Trailer park class
one size fits all
redneck coaster close up
big gulp on coaster
redneck with coaster
redneck coaster package


Julie B

"I'm giving these five stars up because they are, indeed, as hilarious as I thought they'd be for my pranking brother in law! I finally found the perfect gift to beat his annual pranks! Hey... Pretty useful too, and always a great conversation piece!"


"Quick delivery!!! Ha Ha is Right and made me laugh out loud. These coasters are conversation pieces and cute too! They work and fun!!! This will be our next white elephant GIFT."

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Redneck Coasters is absolutely one of our top 10 products. We have less than 10 products so it wasn't hard to make the list. :)