(or at least the biggest)
on the planet.™


The Redneck Back Scratcher puts the fun in functional. It’s the best (or at least the biggest) backscratcher on the planet. This product was created by rednecks for rednecks. Plastic and wood never looked so good as they do with the Redneck Backscratcher. One woman said to her husband: “I got you the Redneck Backscratcher…so you can use it on my back!” This product works great on anybody’s back and is handy in the yard too.

It’s the ultimate gag gift for man or redneck. Great gift for men’s 20th, 30th, 40th, and even 50th Birthday. Besides birthdays, this itch alleviator will be a big winner given as a present at Father’s Day, Christmas, Nascar season openers, Shack-warming parties, WrestleMania, and on and on and on. To sum it all up its just a great gift for a guy with a back and a funny bone.

But why wait for someone else to get it for you on your birthday or special occasion when you can order one for yourself today! Features 15 tines, which is like having 15 back scratchers in one, giving you more enjoyment with less effort (We rednecks are all about more enjoyment with less effort).

Flexible Tines, It's good to be flexible
Contours to the shape of your back
15 Tines, the backscratching pleasure
Happy Scratching, JDub Head Redneck, Label, Haha Brand
Field Tested



"I’ve had it 3 months now and I just have to rave about it again!!! Whoever invented this - THANK YOU!!! You e done a service to mankind!!! Seriously!!! I’ve been widowed 6 years now. Is it terrible to say that one thing I miss most is the great backscratches he used to give me? I was so spoiled!! I no longer have to suffer an itchy back. Thank you!!!"

"I read an earlier review that said it was TOO scratchy - that’s what made me add it to my cart! What a RELIEF to finally find a back scratcher that really has teeth! Other ones I’ve tried have dull tips and really rub rather than scratch. As far as being “too scratchy”, well, YOU have the control over how hard you press down with it. It’s so good, it almost makes me drool."

Stephen R.

"The Redneck Backscratcher is the GREATEST backscratcher that I have ever used. It scratches my back better than my wife ever did, and I don't have to beg. I also used it to rake up the needles of our Christmas tree from the carpet when we took the tree down."


"I bought this as a gag gift for Christmas, but honestly, this thing is VERY WELL MADE! It’s durable and the rake head is wide to scratch a large area. It feels amazing to rake your back! LOL!!!! EVERYBODY in my family is gonna want one of these!!!"


"I bought this for my husband because he's always stealing my back scratcher and since he is a really big guy at 6 7 I figured he would enjoy this back scratcher because it's much larger and would cover more surface but he still takes mine. So I myself have been using it I think it does a great job it's funny it's huge great gag gift but also very practical and works well"

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"The Redneck Backscratcher features 15 tines for 15 times the scratching coverage. This baby will scratch shoulder to shoulder with just one hand, providing way more itch relief with a lot less effort."